College Search!

We have been busy in our household helping our senior with his college applications. Lan has been quite interested himself in the application process. He stated, “When you’re done with him then we can get started on me.”

I easily recall wondering if this kid would be able to graduate high school. Now, these many years later, he is thinking about college.

Lan has always struggled in school. Though very bright, he can’t always verbalize what he knows. Years ago, when people would ask about possible plans for the future, a wave of dread would come over me. Now, I’m just waiting to see what happens next.

I learned from a close friend who happens to be a college professor that more and more colleges are incorporating transition programs and assistance for people with learning and developmental disabilities. I did a bit of research and actually found a few. Yet, many of the programs were in the Northeast part of the country. We live in the southeast. The idea of just sending my “baby” twelve or more hours away doesn’t sit well.

I eventually stopped worrying about it and decided God will make a way.

STAND TALL blessed devotional 10-2015Well, last night I came upon this article, “Students with special needs get own program at University of Georgia.” 

Now UGA is only about forty-five minutes from me. The article also mentions another school with a similar program that is only an hour away. It looks like there is a realistic pathway for Lan to “go off to college,” after all.

Years ago I never imagined the programs now available in higher education for kids like mine.

But God knew.

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed and it looks like situations are hopeless we must trust God for the answer.

I’m learning this more and more as Lan tackles things that were once impossible. The leaps and gains he has made have been miraculous. I suspect the progress made would never have come about if we held on to every negative word spoken over us.

I stopped looking at the statistics and looked for God to make a way.

A poor progress report can no longer push me into a state of panic. I keep telling Lan he is smart and can do whatever is required.  I truly believe Lan does better because we expect better.

What if that same principle applies to God?

I’m not sure what the future holds but I’m holding fast to God and expecting great things.

How about you?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 NKJV

10 thoughts on “College Search!”

  1. What a wonderful answer to prayer Lilka! The Lord knows what your family needs and will and does provide for sure. 45 minutes is so much better than 12 hours…phew!! You give me hope for my daughter, that one day she too will be able to return to education and find her way in life. Bless you my friend…thank you for your beautiful message of the hope we have in Him…

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    1. God is SO good Sherri. Just when you think there is no answer He will surely offer you solutions. Your baby girl will be just fine. We all will be, just one day at a time 😉 Much peace and love to you. Just returned from visiting family for a pre-Thanksgiving gathering with family near D.C. Here’s to ending 2015 better than we began! 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much Lilka…bless you..and I’m glad you returned safe and sound from a lovely family gathering. Yes…it’s been a tough year hasn’t it? I’m with you on that! Much love and peace to you too..and again, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family for tomorrow! xo

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  2. What a great post. Yes, more and more colleges are opening up classes for all who want to continue to learn. I am so happy Lan is excited about continuing on. Good for y’all for expecting better. He will continue to grow and learn. How awesome is our God.


  3. Thank you for this reminder. I think of the future sometimes and I get into a state of total fear and depression. All of the questions come to my mind. I have to remember to trust God and not put him in a box. It’s awesome that colleges now have programs to help our kids.

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  4. You’ve given me hope!! My ASD kiddo is in sixth grade, so we are a ways away from college. But I had been doubting lately college for him would look anything like his siblings’ experiences. I wondered this very thing – if colleges were incorporating programs to help ASD students. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Definitely keep hope alive! More and more schools have programs or they are in the works. With the increasing rate of ASD diagnosed, higher education has no choice but to step up to the plate. The northeast seems to have more avenues for our kids but things seem to be opening up in the southeast as well. By the time your little man is ready for college you should have plenty of options to choose from. I will admit I was surprised to find state universities with the equivalent of IEPs for students. But I’m so grateful. The weight of the world doesn’t seem quite as heavy on my shoulders 😉 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Herd and B Blessed! 🙂

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