Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

We lost one of our furry family last night. To say it was traumatic is an understatement.

My oldest took it better. He volunteers at our local vet and has witnessed animals euthanized first hand. Lan, who inspired this blog, had no idea what had happened until it was all over.

Lan was out with a friend when my husband and I rushed Noel to the emergency vet. Hours later, we came home without her. He was asleep.

This morning he cried as we expected, just like us. But for Lan, the death of this dog is something more than the loss of a “pet.”

Taking care of our animals really helped Lan come out of his shell. It was his job to feed them. It was his responsibility to let Noel in and out in the morning. She enjoyed Lan’s tendency to over feed her all the while she was stealing the cat’s food!

Ten years later, we have tears. I explained it’s okay to hurt and cry. Lan asked if he could pray for Noel. I figured it certainly can’t hurt anything. He also asked if dogs go to heaven.

I don’t know.

Yet, I figure since God allowed her to take such good care of us, He would take good care of her. If there is a dog heaven, I’m pretty sure she is there.

Given a bit more time to think, Lan asked about our cat. He looked up something online and decided Lucky should live four more years.

He googled cancer after my poor explanation.

He proudly proclaimed that if Noel could talk she would have said “tell Cam and Lan I love them.”

And she would have.

Years before we gained our initial pet menagerie (three dogs and one cat in less than six months!) I didn’t want any animals. I was adamant. I had enough to do with two young kids and Lan’s diagnosis. My husband traveled seventy-five percent of the time.

Pets would just put more work on me.

Little did I know?

Yes, our animals did give me more work to do but we were blessed by the effect they had on Lan.

Lan was interested in his surroundings, wanted to interact more, felt pride in feeding and tending to his animals. He told people about them! That was a very big deal ten years ago!

I didn’t want pets but God knew what we needed.  last happy Noel picture

Lan talks fine now. Noel taught him about respect, love, compassion, death and loss.

Today he said we should “face forward.”

Not bad advice.

I will be ever grateful for our dear Noel and all she did for us. She was indeed very beautiful inside and out.

Sometimes God gives us what we ask for. Then at other times, He gives us just what we need. 

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever. Psalms 106:1 NKJV

5 thoughts on “Do Dogs Go to Heaven?”

  1. Dear Lilka, I am so very sorry to read this of your terribly sad news of the loss of your beloved Noel, and what a beauty she was. You know how much my family adores, and yes, relies on, our pets and how much they mean to my daughter so I understand fully all you are experiencing right now. But I hit the ‘like’ button because of the way you shared just how much Noel meant to you all, especially to Lan, and all that she gave to your family. And also because I have pondered the question you pose about dogs going to heaven (and cats too!) and I have come to the conclusion that they do. A close friend recently lost her beloved cat and she was so encouraged when she heard a message from a Christian radio programme by a pastor who believes that our pets go to heaven 🙂 It came at just the right time for her. I hope now I can pass the message on for you. Sending lots of love and hugs my friend ❤


    1. Thank you so much Sherri. With everything going on in the world, I was feeling a bit guilty agonizing my loss. But she was truly a gift from God the more I think back on it. Your words are very timely this morning as I try and take Lan’s advice and “face forward.” Thanks so much for your encouraging words, they help immensely. Peace and love to you my sister.

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  2. Yes, I think dogs go to Heaven. I have pondered this in the past and I think that animals must be there. What a boring place it would be without them, and God is certainly not boring. Also, doesn’t it say somewhere in the gospels that not even a sparrow will fall without God’s knowledge? I know that is written to say how much God values each one of us. And yet by implication, doesn’t it show how much God values each sparrow.
    How sad that Lan was not able to be there to say ‘Goodbye” to Noel. That is the difficult thing about sudden death. And yet, what wisdom he showed for one so young. To find out the information he needed for himself, by googling cancer; to think about where Noel might be now; to work out how long the cat might live so he could prepare himself for that; to know that Noel loved him and his brother and said it in all but words; to be able to know that life goes on and “face forward” so quickly. How wise a little one he is turning out to be.
    I was given a book for Christmas “when Fraser met Billy” by Louise Booth. Ironically it was a book I also gave to my niece. It is a story of how the love of a cat transformed the life of the author’s three year old autistic son Fraser. it is the next book on my list to read. Have you ever come across it?
    Finally, your dog Noel, is a beautiful looking dog. I can believe she was beautiful both outside and in.
    Love and best wishes, Julia

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    1. Thank you so much Julia for making me see the positive after so many tears this morning. I have heard of the book but have not read it…yet. Thank you for helping to turn my morning around before I head out to work. Bless you!

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