Time and Transition

transition: “a change from one state or condition to another”   “movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another” Merriam Webster

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end,” Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV

I birthed this blog the first of August when my youngest entered high school. Now with less than a month before school is out, first year jitters have been replaced with a spirit of perseverance, faith and gratitude.  transitions 1

Lan has evolved from nervous freshman to actively seeking out his friends. He has moved away from the kid sitting alone at lunch to having a steady rotation of friends to eat with and interact. Surprisingly, most of these kids aren’t even in his classes.

Friday, when my husband picked both boys up from the high school, Cam made a telling remark. He said once people saw him with Lan they kept asking, “are you Lan’s brother?” Apparently, Lan’s social vine extends farther than any of us realized.

It was quite the eye opener. For years, Lan has always been the other brother, often falling under the shadow of big brother Cam. Now, in high school, the tables are turning a bit and the light is now shining on Lan.

Lan surprised me today with news that he will receive an award at Thursday’s end of the year awards ceremony. We have no idea what he is receiving an award for. He has worked extremely hard on his school work but an A student he is not. However, Lan’s tenacity to put in the extra time and effort has endeared him to most of his teachers.

A school year fraught with uncertainties looks to be ending on a good note. We have traded Georgia CRCTs (criterion referenced competency tests) for EOCs (end of course exams) so test anxiety ever looms. Yet receiving this award, whatever it may be is progress. It is one more step in the right direction, one step forward in personal accountability, one acknowledgement of doing the best you can, no matter what that best might be.  transitions title

It’s has been quite a year of change. Insecurities vanquished. Challenges met head on. Bullies thwarted. Faith in people… restored.

There has been much personal growth and maturity from fragile bud to longer lasting leaf. Lan made out just fine.

I’m referring to me.

5 thoughts on “Time and Transition”

  1. Thank you for this post Lilka. We are believing for God’s grace and miracles regarding our boys when they enter high school. I believe God in leading me to write a blog entitled, “Autism, “Living without fear.” During my prayer walk today this became clear to me. Once again sis, thank you for the inspiration and deep words of wisdom. Many are called, but you are chosen!


    1. DO IT!

      I was Spirit led to start B is for Blessed. It took me a couple of months to go from domain to up and running blog tech impaired that I am.

      ! I did God, autism and me in a day!

      There are SO many parents and family members living depressed and defeated not even open to the miracles God is able to do! I have seen too many to count when it comes to my son. The first post on my autism site began his first week of high school last August.
      God is SO Faithful.

      Sometimes when you are feeling beat down and have no answers and don’t even understand the questions He is so Faithful! God was orchestrating my steps setting us us for a good experience in high school back when my kids were in elementary school. I just had no idea.

      A great number of the autism blogs are “woe is me.” That’s not not my style. God has been too good and I want to inspire others not to give up on their kids or God.

      There aren’t that many autism blogs for the father’s point of view that I’ve seen…just saying!


  2. I love your last sentence Lilka, and can I ever relate! Many congratulations on your son’s award, oh how I remember those days so well! It felt so strange when my daughter finished college three years ago, meaning I no longer had any children in full time education, including university. Reading your post brings it all back…
    So happy to hear that Lan’s year is ending on such a strong, positive note, and for you too my friend 🙂


    1. Sherri we are in the home stretch of stress! Two weeks down to test-time trauma! Seriously God has been SO faithful in keep both Lan and I this school year. I am very grateful for the angels He has placed to go before us.

      I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration and I look forward to our Savior’s resurrection of the publishing dreams he placed in both of us this year! Much love to you 🙂


      1. My prayers are with you and Lan during this stressful time, you are almost there and then you can both take a very deep breath, putting it mildly…a very hard-won battle, I can understand big time…hang in there!!!

        We did have a lovely Easter thanks Lilka, and you too I hope and yes, let’s keep our publishing dreams alive, in Him!
        Much love to you too dear sister… 🙂


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