Class Conflict!

On Friday, my youngest child who inspired this blog informed me that his class schedule was changed. He was no longer with the same Spanish or World History teacher.

I tried to figure why two weeks into the school year his schedule (especially his schedule) would change. His Spanish teacher is adored by students and Lan is no exception. His history teacher uses lots of visuals (ideal for Lan!) and I was remiss to lose him.

I assured him his father and I would look into it. So, this morning my husband dropped the kids off and went straight to the office.

Apparently, the Spanish class has a few kids with disciplinary “issues.” The Spanish teacher noticed Lan covered his ears during their disruptive outburst. She was concerned the current mix of students may be too much for him.

I most certainly applaud the teacher for noticing the displeasure/discomfort the other three students were causing him. His teacher suggested Lan be moved to a quieter class. However, my husband’s question to the counselor was why should our child should lose the benefit of great teachers at the expense of the offending party?

I’m sure removing one student is a lot easier than removing three, but to do so gives the trouble makers the advantage.  DSC_7748 (3)

Soooo….when my husband met with the counselors they called Lan up and asked him which class he would prefer.

To the counselor’s surprise, Lan told them he wanted to stay with his original teachers. He told the counselors, “I can just ignore the bad kids.”

Both counselors were surprised. There was a time where disruptive kids would have made him shut down and unable to focus. Apparently, he has matured to the point where he can tune the disruptions out (as best anyone can) just like the other students in his class.

To say that I am proud and grateful is such an understatement!  I prayed this morning  and resigned myself to “God’s will.” I thought it would be better if Lan’s schedule was changed back with his original teachers but if God chose to move him I trusted that God would work it to our benefit.

I guess I have moved (just a bit) from trying to regulate/orchestrate every detail of Lan’s life. I’m hardly a passive parent. Even letting my husband go and “handle it” without my “supervision” is a giant step for me. Yet, if my wishes didn’t work out, I figured God has a better plan. This hasn’t always been the case.

In the end, the counselors agreed that Lan would stay with his original teachers as desired. The “problem students” would be moved elsewhere to make the classroom less volatile.

In the end, I trusted God to work out the best outcome without complaint, demands or frustration on my part.

It appears Lan matured even more than I ever imagined this summer. And maybe, just maybe, I have too.  

“The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” Psalm 18:2 NKJV   DSC_7549 (2)


15 thoughts on “Class Conflict!”

  1. Oh, and I had just finished “clear skies”, before seeing this. Your writing is good for me, always a right now word!


  2. Wow! I’m so extremely overwhelmed with joy for Lan of course, but for you. I am so a younger version. Which I assume is why wet met. Your advice is priceless! Love ya sis, and keep the readings coming.

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  3. That is so great! The “team” tried to do this to my kidlet many times. I always said the same thing. “Why should my kid have to leave because the teacher can’t control her classroom”? In the future, remember these words…”least restrictive environment.” It is the law and when schools hear it, they don’t like it, but usually will “fix” the problem. Thanks for this awesome post!


    1. Lan wouldn’t have done it last year but God IS answering prayers. Lan has already done so much more than many people thought possible. He continues to surprise and God continues to amaze. B Blessed Levi!


  4. Wow….this worked out extremely well. Your son sounds like a very mature young man. They do seem to be growing even when we’re not looking. Oh, and I can definitely understand how hard it can be not to micromanage everything for them, but in learning to let them handle certain things so that they can grow we grow in the process.


    1. God has definitely used Lan’s diagnosis to grow me in all kinds of directions. Now have some of them been painful? Most definitely, yet for my own good.

      Is Lan mature? Not quite yet BUT definitely moving in that direction. Let’s just say I’m still stepping on legos and ninja turtles! 😉


  5. To see our children start to advocate for themselves and verbalize their wants is amazing. And serious kudos for being able to trust in a greater plan. Happy to hear it all worked out.


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