Last year when I was dredging around in the ice, I was mesmerized by the beauty in the midst of our “storm.” Sure, it was messy, inconvenient, cold and even brutal. However, I was able to focus past all the media hysteria and acknowledge what a beautiful picture God created.

My pear trees were coated in ice. To say it was a Winter Wonderland is such an understatement yet, there it was. An event that had been hyped and feared by us southerners was very much a reflection of the beauty within our own personal storms.

I took hundreds of pictures but was continually drawn to the buds on my trees that were encapsulated in ice. Those buds looked practically ripe to begin blooming. Yet the icy beauty that covered them kept them isolated, frozen and helpless.

february 2014 ice storm 127

The buds trapped in ice reminded me of our kids who can appear to be trapped by autism. The beauty is within these children; the potential is there. There is just this layer of “ice” that dares to keep us from seeing that potential. It is almost as if the child gets frozen behind the layers of autism.

Some kids may have more layers than others. Some children may appear to be under a layers of “ice” so thick; one would fear that the bud would be crushed beneath the weight of the ice.

Yet, in the quiet after the storm, the sun came out and melted the ice.

The layers did not evaporate quickly but the tiny drip, drip, drip signaled they were leaving. This process mirrors how I’m dependent on the warmth of The Son, to melt away layers of a diagnosis that threatened to freeze the potential lying dormant in my child.

The ice of autism isn’t holding us hostage. I’ve learned to find beauty in what others consider a storm. I’ve allowed The Son to melt layers and break the barriers that would threaten the potential bloom.

It isn’t important that the ice doesn’t melt all at once…I’m just grateful it melts.

Whenever those icy diagnoses, amended IEPs and “layers” come our way, I won’t allow them to linger. I have faith that the Son is still shining on us and everything will eventually be okay.

13 thoughts on “Frozen!?”

  1. So many lessons we can learn from nature Lilka. This is really beautiful. We usually get 2 or 3 ice storms a winter. Always dread them, with having to drive in them etc. I need to see what lessons God has for me in these storms like you have.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Carl,

      I tend to get my best sermons/lessons when I’m outside, not when I’m in church! I’m glad you could appreciate this post. Last year it was crazy here in Atlanta. We don’t do snow and ice well at all. The current cold air we have here at present is more than enough!

      As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. Oh I need to remember this as my darling girl locks herself away in an icy shutdown and I pray for the Son to melt these layers away, and all that we have to entangle within a system which seems so ill equipped to help those with Asperger’s. I call her ‘Aspie D’ for my blog so as not to keep saying ‘my daughter’ but although it is a cute nickname for her I refuse to let her be defined by her diagnosis. She is bright, beautiful and blossoming, as layer by layer the ice around her melts in the glow of The Son. Blessings to you dear friend and to your lovely son 🙂


    1. Our kids do thrive when we see them for the beautiful beings they are and not simply associate them with a diagnosis. I find both boys rise up to the challenge when prodded along. The potential in our kids will emerge as we pray and our faith provides an environment for God to bring about the best in them.

      The layers will melt, we just have to stay sane in the process. 😉

      Much love and many blessing your way!


      1. Oh yes, staying sane in the process…that is quite another thing altogether, lol 😉
        Much love to you dear friend, blessings to you in all things… x


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